About us

Ando Translations is a translation agency specializing in the translation of technical and medical texts and the localization of software and accompanying materials. We provide comprehensive language solutions and deliver texts in final-draft quality, including preparation for printing.

We have worked in the challenging area of localization for over 15 years. Software localization, which originally represented the absolute majority of our work, has been expanded to include translations for medical devices, clinical studies, technical documentation as well as legal, financial and marketing texts for the entire central European market.

Our primary objective is to meet all requirements that contribute to the satisfaction of our customers. At Ando Translations we place special emphasis on the maximum quality of translations delivered, speed, a flexible approach, and customer satisfaction. These properties have gradually helped us create excellent business relationships in the localization market, both with domestic and foreign companies who emphasize quality translation in their work. We now offer our longtime experience and professional approach to you as well.

Currently, the absolute majority of our work consists of orders from foreign localization companies. We localize office applications, web pages and services (e.g. Microsoft Exchange server, Windows Live), software for mobile phones and communication devices and manuals for their use (e.g. Samsung, Gigaset, Motorola etc.). We are also working on projects for Symantec, Ericsson, Dell, Canon, Apple and HP. We also translate documentation from the areas of medicine, biotechnology and pharmaceutics, e.g. for Philips Medical, BSC, Olympus and others. Translations from the automotive field (Ford, Bentley, Porsche), manufacturing automation, and others also form an important part of our work (see section A selection of noteworthy projects and customers for more information).

We always adapt the processing of all our orders to the requirements of our clients. However, if you have limited or no experience with translations, we will be happy to provide consultation.

Our web pages will explain why you should choose Ando Translations as your long-term business partner.

Medical translations

We provide specialist translations from the fields of cardiology, surgery, pediatrics, pharmaceutics, stomatology, oncology, biotechnology and many others.

Web page localization

A modern internet strategy should support the global sale of products without borders.

Software localization

Software localization is one of our primary areas of specialization. We offer a wide range of services that help our clients successfully distribute their products on the central European market.

Technical translations

Technical texts from various fields form another significant share of our projects.