Order processing

A team of project managers manages the receipt of orders and client communication. Each member of the team is in charge of several long-term customers. Larger projects are handled by two or more managers. After the order and related instructions from the client are received, the project manager plans the translation process so that the customer’s deadline is met, while at the same time chooses the most suitable team of translators and reviewers, who will then process the order based on the instructions delivered. The translated files are then returned to the project manager, who checks that the texts comply with the instructions provided, performs finalization, and then submits the final translation to the customer.

The cycle described has been significantly simplified – in fact, only very few translations projects are so straightforward. Most orders include other levels, since several participants are involved in the translation and proofreading, and these (on their own or together with the client) try to solve problems which occur during the translation and take responsibility for its final quality (quality evaluation, internal and external solution of terminology questions, etc.).

A more detailed example of order processing may be found here.

Medical translations

We provide specialist translations from the fields of cardiology, surgery, pediatrics, pharmaceutics, stomatology, oncology, biotechnology and many others.

Web page localization

A modern internet strategy should support the global sale of products without borders.

Software localization

Software localization is one of our primary areas of specialization. We offer a wide range of services that help our clients successfully distribute their products on the central European market.

Technical translations

Technical texts from various fields form another significant share of our projects.