Multilingual DTP

We prepare materials for print in all European languages for our customers. We always aim to maximally satisfy the needs of our clients and to meet all requirements and deadlines. Our quality management system ensures that speed of delivery never comes at the price of quality. Close cooperation between translators and DTP operators, filters for translation memory databases, experience with printing applications and their careful selection for each project – all of this allows the creation of multilingual documents on an optimal budget and schedule. Timely and accurate communication and a flexible approach to project management also ensure that no problems occur when incorporating last-minute amendments and changes to product documentation.

Medical translations

We provide specialist translations from the fields of cardiology, surgery, pediatrics, pharmaceutics, stomatology, oncology, biotechnology and many others.

Web page localization

A modern internet strategy should support the global sale of products without borders.

Software localization

Software localization is one of our primary areas of specialization. We offer a wide range of services that help our clients successfully distribute their products on the central European market.

Technical translations

Technical texts from various fields form another significant share of our projects.