Proofing, QA, quality evaluation

Proofing of the target language is a standard step in the translation process and is managed by a trained team of internal and external proofreaders. Even the best translators make mistakes, and it is up to the proofreaders to make sure that the translated text corresponds to the source, as well as being grammatically and stylistically correct. Proofreading is a standard for our regular customers, who require that all translations be proofread. We also provide this service independently – if a client already has the translation and only wishes to check that it is terminologically correct and contains no language mistakes, we will be glad to offer our services.

QA (Quality Assurance / LSO (Linguistic sign-off) / proofing) is another related service for output formats, which are generally pdf, html or MS Office (doc/docx, rtf) formats. The goal of this process is to check that the translated text has been properly processed in the target format and that the output document fully corresponds to the source (e.g. that it contains all the text and nothing is missing, contains no text in another language, no corruptions of special characters or other defects). This service is included in the price of translation for our regular customers.

Our company also offers quality evaluation by other translators. We will process an independent quality assessment of translations in accordance with standard localization criteria with a focus on instructions and terminological and linguistic accuracy. Evaluations of both a purely specialist nature (terminology, performed especially for glossaries and terminology databases) and a purely linguistic nature (performed by a specialized linguist) are also available. However, the most frequently requested service is a combination of specialist and language quality evaluation. So-called “arbitration” is an additional service requested by clients when two parties disagree on the most appropriate translation after quality evaluation. In such disputes we fulfill the role of an independent third party tasked with adjudicating the dispute and deciding which of the arguments is valid given all available facts.

Medical translations

We provide specialist translations from the fields of cardiology, surgery, pediatrics, pharmaceutics, stomatology, oncology, biotechnology and many others.

Web page localization

A modern internet strategy should support the global sale of products without borders.

Software localization

Software localization is one of our primary areas of specialization. We offer a wide range of services that help our clients successfully distribute their products on the central European market.

Technical translations

Technical texts from various fields form another significant share of our projects.